Logo Design

The company logo is an important and valued graphic element for distinguishing your business amongst your competitors. Does your logo embody your core brand attributes and set you apart?

Logo Goals?

When we think logos our goals are always for it to be timeless, original, adaptable, memorable, and relevant. Does your logo scale well, separate you, relate to your business, and not date your company?


How important to you is it that the logo avoids incorporating trendy design concepts, to ensure it will "age well" over time?


While "memorable" can be a difficult concept to test, how important to you is it that the logo leave a lasting impression?


How important to you is it that the logo should scale well from thumbnail to a much larger scale. It should also translate well to both print and digital formats?


How important to you is it that the logo should be clearly connected to your industry, name, or products and services?

Our Work


Logo Styles

There are many different styles of logos. Which one fits your company best?


Annotation 2019-11-19 115650

Pictorial Mark

Annotation 2019-11-19 115651

Abstract Mark

Annotation 2019-11-19 115652

Emblem or Enclosure

Annotation 2019-11-19 115653


Annotation 2019-11-19 115654

Detailed or Stylized

Annotation 2019-11-19 115655

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