Customers are rarely all the same but often times some are related. How would you describe your different types of customers? Does the same message work for each? Do any have unique challenges or needs?

Expectations and Desires

Before a customer even reaches you they have a certain set of particular expectations. These expectations can even vary from one type of customer to another. For example, at Techwood Digital we have noticed that the industry our clients are involved can heavily impact their initial thoughts on the value of SEO or PPC.

Compelling Events

Different types of customers have different events in their own life or cycle of their company that might cause them to look for a solution. Do you take into account the compelling events your customers face? Are these events predictable? Where in the cycle of the events can you have the greatest impact?

Share and Return

Often some of the lowest hanging fruit comes from previous customers. Whether they themselves are buying again from you or have become your messenger to others, knowing and understanding why a customer repurchases and why they share about their experience with you is critical. Do you give your customer opportunities to share about you?

Trusted By

Showing who you work with can help customers see themselves working with you by them directly comparing themselves to your existing customers. This is why companies show brands they have working with or individual customer reviews. Techwood Digital is proud of the companies that have chosen to partner with us. We hope you see the list below and see a company that looks similar to you.

Ready to put yourself in your customers' shoes?