User Journey

How are you positioning yourself inside your customer's user journey? Do they see you as a guide who can help them reach their ultimate goal? Before we spend time working on a brand we believe it is imperative to understand their client or customer.

The Hero

"Hero" might seem a little dramatic but we want the end consumer to feel like a hero, even if it is on a micro-scale. For example, Techwood Digital wants all of our clients to feel that by helping to uplift their brand, reach new audiences and drive more sales they are a hero for their company (and we were just the guide helping them achieve).

An Obstacle

In any situation, there is a problem that needs to be overcome. Sometimes this issue is clear to the hero and at other times it can be vague. Our goal is not to scare a customer but make them aware that there are indeed hurdles and thus consequences when they are not overcome. For example, if you don't consider the SEO implication of certain website design decisions you may lose traffic.


Often times companies focus so much on their solution and what their services are that they miss what matters most to the customer. The customer wants to know how their life will change what is in it for them. We at Techwood Digital are often tempted to focus on all the neat SEO and PPC methods we use but know what the client really wants to hear is how they will reach new markets and increase sales.

Trusted By

With any brand building trust is key. It is why you will see so many websites with reviews of the company or partners they work with. This helps a potential customer know that they are not wading into unknown waters but others have gone before and had success. At Techwood Digital we are proud of those brands we have helped and love what they have to say about us.

Become the guide for your "Hero" customer.