Content Creation and Management

Understanding search engine algorithms and performing essential technical maintenance on your website are both key to successful search marketing campaigns. One reason SEO campaigns often fail to make a meaningful impact on customer acquisition is a lack of consistently implemented, unique website content.

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Video is a hot item these days, and Techwood will help you create a comprehensive and cohesive video brand identity.

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SEO rich content will help your website evolve into a resource. It will bring in business and establish your edge on competition.

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We work with clients in creating a strong visual presence with logos, brand guidelines, advertisement design, and stylescapes.

Why Content Marketing is Important to Your Business

Good content is vital to both the humans who are deciding whether to engage your business and to the robots that crawl websites seeking to understand whether your business has what users are searching for.

Many companies place a high value on graphic design and functionality and then neglect to fill their beautiful looking website with engaging and user-friendly content. Other companies take the “set it and forget it” approach to content – filling up landing pages with the same few paragraphs of generic marketing text and then never updating their website. We make the most of your beautiful site design by creating timely, unique, and meaningful content for your website that engages customers and sends a strong signal to Google that your business is the best match for user queries.

Having the right content increases traffic to your website, keeps visitors on your site longer, and puts them on track to becoming customers. Your content should help current and potential customers find the information they are looking for and learn more about your brand, product, or service. Your content should also help visitors take the next step in their relationship with your business. These steps include calling your company, sending you an email, filling out a contact form, visiting your physical location, getting a quote, or making a purchase.

Content Creation for Your Website

Our team takes a collaborative approach to create professional content for your website and SEO campaigns. First, we get to know all about your company – your leadership, your brand, your products, and your services. Then, we talk with you to identify your target audience and ensure we speak to them in the right tone so that your content is aligned with your brand voice.

Our content marketing team also conducts extensive research about your business, industry trends, and customer personas so we can effectively communicate with potential customers.

We also make sure your content is optimized for search engines with the right keyword density and word count. We conduct comprehensive keyword research to learn what your customers are searching for and what terms they are using to find it. Finally, our team creates high-quality content that is customized to your brand and goals.