Video Production and Marketing

At Techwood, we provide it all, from full media creation to implementation and optimization of what you have already. In creating media with photography, video assets, and other design needs, we look to create for your campaigns and for the best utilization, so you don’t get stuck with media that doesn’t work for you.


Video is a hot item these days with video production companies of every size, and they are perfectly right in getting you video content for your website, ads, and training. You’ll need this as your customers interact more online than ever, but where will that video go? Will they measure and plan the shoot days for your campaigns? As a Digital Marketing Agency, we not only have the talent and skills to coordinate and create your video, but our team will have the whole picture in mind. From early awareness to after purchase we create a comprehensive and cohesive video brand identity. We can even help you create your own.

We service clients that look for

  • Initial video content - for clients websites and sharing
  • Testimonial videos -
  • Revisiting video assets for refined marketing capabilities
  • Stock Video/Photo Usage/Graphics Usage
  • Setting up company vlogs/series
  • Narrative ads for any KPIs
  • Social media Content

All Saints Holland Anthem Video

Working with the All Saints Anglican Church, we wanted to tell the story of their community and intentional faith. We chose to create a mini-documentary to capture moments that its congregation have to stay in community and seek after God. We recorded interviews, weekly events, and at the homes to capture that their faith affects all areas of their life. They were happy to put this video on their website to show interested people what it’s like to be at All Saints.

Children's Advocacy Center Splash Video

 As we learned about the powerful work that the Children’s Advocacy Center of Holland does, we felt that their videos needed to be updated to match their story. We interviewed and recut existing footage to create a new splash video for their homepage and an Anthem video to let others see what they are working for. Not only on the website, but also it is great for volunteers and events.

BVW Property Management Explainer Videos

 In creating the website and branding for the BVW property management team, we learned of how well they simplify the real estate investing process for both renters and owners. We created a series of videos that tell how the complex process is made easy through animation and an integrated slideshow with an actor as well. This made for an excellent educational piece helps their team answer frequently asked questions and seal the deal.

Video Marketing Funnel

When we say that we create for your campaigns we mean top to bottom getting your content to work through the whole funnel. Let’s take a look at what video can do in each stage of marketing.


Video can be a great way to immediately set yourself apart from the competition. Prospective clients and customers watch videos to solve their problems and if you’re present at this early stage, sometimes before they know of your solution this can be a great way to set them on your offering. This is a great place to create shareable, bite-size, and defining video content for them to watch.


Once they have seen your content or found your webpage and are learning more, video content that not only engages but explains is imperative to building nurtured leads. Video is an amazing tool to both connect with and explain difficult topics with your solution and product front and center.


Once they are aware and understanding of your offer, video content that appeals to emotional and key-value offers can be a final push. This can be from customer testimonials, feel-good advertising, and final reminders in email campaigns. Answering any final questions,  distinguishing your company, or grabbing educated clients from your competitors is also great at this stage.


Finally, Video can be helpful in creating touchpoints whether in updates, vlog, support and FAQs, and further brand recognition. Once you complete the sale video can entertain and keep your audience coming back for more and keep you front of mind for more sales and referrals. User-Generated Content and Livestream/social media clips are also great assets in this post-purchase phase.