Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is a component of inbound marketing that strategically uses content to attract and convert prospects based on their position within the marketing funnel. Content marketing relies heavily on the ability to organically attract qualified web traffic and convert visitors through CTAs that match their level and type of interest (e.g. seeking information, considering a solution or ready to make a purchase decision).

Why practice content marketing?

While paid ads produce immediate conversion and ROI, content marketing is a longer term strategy focused on producing leads by earning organic traffic and converting through the use of content assets applied throughout the marketing funnel. An effective content marketing strategy will employ multiple types of content across several channels to consistently attract prospects and move them through a marketing funnel. This is also known as a “pull strategy”, and ultimately produces higher long term ROI. 

Techwood content marketing services

We begin by understanding your marketing personas and building a customized plan to ultimately convert prospects into leads through a combined, cohesive marketing plan. For organic growth strategy, we typically advise that clients start with building their organic inbound strategy around effective blogging. 

We always prioritize SEO best practices in our content strategy and production including keyword research and on/off-page optimization when ideating and building compelling lead magnets. 

Techwood provides a range of content marketing services that complement an overall inbound marketing strategy, including:

  • Content marketing strategy development
  • Content calendar creation 
  • Content production
    • Blog content creation for traffic acquisition
    • White papers, eBooks and other long-form content
    • Lead magnet creation
    • Video creation
    • Infographics and visual assets
    • Social media content
  • Managed content marketing services
    • Full-scope strategy development and deployment