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Getting Back to Work

Reignite post COVID 19 Digital Marketing Efforts

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A Playbook for Getting Back to Work in Response to COVID-19

States are removing restrictions and businesses are opening back up. As a business leader, there are many new aspects to consider of reopening your business: safety, timing, and finances to name a few. Many of these things have no playbook. As a digital marketing company, we wanted to do what we could to help local businesses during this time. We've created this playbook to give you actions that will help you reengage with your audience and grow your business coming out of the crisis.

What You Will Get

A Plan to Get Started

  • Set a strong foundation of data and branding for your digital marketing
  • Generate traffic with an actionable organic search and paid ads strategy
  • Increase repeat customers and brand ambassadors by staying top of mind with your audience

Actionable Tips

In each chapter you’ll find recommendations that you can implement today, that will increase your reach online.

Confidence in Your Marketing

As you put a strategic plan in place, you can stop worrying if you are doing the right things to reach your customers digitally.

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It's Time to Open Back Up Your Marketing

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