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E-Commerce SEO Services


Search engine optimization (SEO) for e-commerce is the strategic effort to improve an online retailer’s website placement in search engines. An online retailer may have a great brand and product, but if users cannot find the website in search results, the online store essentially does not exist. An E-Commerce SEO agency will connect your business to your customers.

Getting In Front Of Your Customer with E-Commerce SEO

The reason why e-commerce search engine optimization is so critical to businesses is because the majority of today’s consumers pursue product discovery on the web. To be more specific, around 60% of consumers conduct online research through search engines before deciding to purchase a product. Needless to say, it is more important than ever before to be in front of your consumers in search engines so they can buy your product. To do this successfully requires strategy and analysis to understand the breadth of product a company has and how consumers search for each product category.

The Highest E-Commerce Marketing ROI

E-Commerce SEO is beneficial for e-commerce businesses because it has the highest return on investment (ROI) of any other form of e-commerce marketing campaign available. The money you invest in an e-commerce SEO agency will be a fruit tree that keeps on giving. Although the rise to the top of organic search results can in some cases be a process, once organic trust is solidified with your website, the rewards will be great.

– Consumers are 60% more likely to click on the top 3 organic results for a search query
– Consumers are 89% more likely to click on the top 10 organic results for a search query

Never underestimate the intelligence of today’s online consumer. They are searching for the best product and most optimal user experience available to them on the web. E-Commerce SEO services can help you get in front of potential customers and grow your website traffic.

E-Commerce SEO Impact: Will It Work?

For any type of online retailer, e-commerce SEO can profoundly impact a business’ organic web presence and online success. A strong e-commerce SEO strategy can mean the difference between the first page of Google versus the third, a high click through rate, and more sales versus less.

There are several components that influence Google’s algorithm for e-commerce organic search listings. These include website architecture, onsite keyword strategy, inbound links, content, and many other offsite and onsite strategies. A successful e-commerce SEO campaign will look at a business product, goals, and industry to provide both onsite and offsite recommendations to improve its ranking for strategic search queries and maximize organic visibility to customers.

E-Commerce Website Optimization Strategies

Below are a few e-commerce driven strategies to help you get a jump start on your efforts:

Keyword Research

How are customers searching for your brand? How are they searching for your products? Utilize keyword tools to come up with these answers and build strategies to target the keywords. It is also beneficial to use your onsite search tool to see how site users are searching within your site. This can give so many data-driven insights to apply to your e-commerce SEO strategy. For example, how easy it is for site users to navigate to certain categories and products within your site. (If 50%+ of site users are using site search when they get to your website, your site architecture is more than likely not as intuitive as it should be). Onsite search insights can also give insights into the types of products that customers are looking for that you may not have.

Content Marketing for ECommerce websites

One of the best ways to market your brand and products is to create outstanding pieces of content to market. When content is consistently published on your e-commerce site, search engines crawl and index your site more often, your site gets more links from the content, and you benefit from an increase in traffic on the site from social shares and mentions. All of this will help your product and category pages rank better in organic search.

SEO and User-Friendly E-commerce Website Design

Site architecture not only plays a huge role in how users interact with your website, but it also influences how search engine spiders index and crawl your website. Crawl rate is factored into Google’s algorithm, therefore it is pertinent that your eCommerce site is easily accessible to crawlers. Essentially, the overarching goal should be to get the most relevant content in front of users as soon as possible from the homepage (ideally for e-commerce sites it should take a user no more than 3 – 4 clicks to get to what they are looking for). The architecture should be simple and scalable. Proper navigation and internal linking structures ensure that the most important site pages get the most authority from your home page, and thus have a better chance of ranking highly in organic search.

Expert E-Commerce SEO Services

Techwood Consulting has built its e-commerce SEO success from referral-only business since it was founded in 2008. Our strong technical team of analysts has successful experience with both emerging e-commerce companies as well as established e-commerce brands that are fast-growing and competitive. Please view our e-commerce case studies for proof that e-commerce search engine optimization works.

At Techwood Consulting, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to any SEO strategy, because every online business has a unique product, value proposition, and goals to meet. Our team carefully considers all business needs and industry influencers to create a fully custom on-page and offsite strategy to improve your business’ visibility in search results.