Small Business COVID 19 Heroes – Deborah Miller Catering

Our Clients are True HEROES!!!

If you can, please help Deborah Miller Catering feed NYC’s front line workers.

I admire the small business world that keeps America going. I am in awe of the resilience, the ingenuity, and the sheer tenacity that Small Businesses America displays on a normal day much less days like the ones we have had recently. The way it takes what it’s given and finds a way to persevere and keep things moving is a testament to its grandeur and will.

But even more specific than just Small Business America, today, I want to shout out that our small business clients are true heroes. At Techwood we have the pleasure of supporting what I believe to be the best and the brightest Small Business America has to offer. I want to take a minute to tell you just how awesome one of those clients is.

Help Deborah Miller Catering Feed NYC’s Front Line Workers!”

Deborah Miller Catering is located in the heart of New York City and they offer amazing corporate and event catering options. This is a business that has obviously seen some drastic changes in recent days. With the aggressive spread of COVID-19, Deborah Miller Catering has been faced with enormous business challenges. Yet, do you know what they are doing? They are helping others. This is why we are in business, to help each other! 

Deborah Miller has set up a “Cater Because we Care” campaign designed to feed front line workers in NYC, and trust us this is way more than a pizza delivery. They are preparing good hearty meals designed to fill the greatness needed to overcome the challenges of COVID-19.  

These deliveries include Mount Sinai, Beth Israel Medical Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Columbia Presbyterian, St. John’s Riverdale Hospital, NYPD, EMT, FDNY, and more. 

If you can, please support them by making a donation below.

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Chad Crowe

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