Small Business Heroes – CBT/DBT Associates

So many businesses are in a quandary regarding what to do to continue on in this seemingly never-ending environment that we find ourselves in today. Some have chosen to just board up their shops and go home. Some are making the best of the situation and spending more quality time with family and friends, at a distance of course. This has been the reaction of some business owners. Some see the Coronavirus Pandemic as the end of their business dealings altogether, because they cannot or will not adapt to the new normal, be it temporary or not.

However, some businesses have chosen to push into the storm, forward-facing. To continue to provide their services because of the great value that they provide, in particular to those people who need it most. Techwood Digital has been lucky to find a way to have many of these businesses as our clients. Call it dumb luck; or perhaps, its something more than that. In times of crisis, we have seen patterns emerge among our clients. A steadfast, strong attitude to give it all they have got until they have nothing left. And then, to give even more.

We are spotlighting these businesses because of the importance that they have presented especially during this time of need. CBT/DBT Associates is one of those businesses that is making things work. Because CBT/DBT Associates considers themselves more than a practice, they are at the center of a community. They have been united in providing valuable collaboration for their clients for years. Because they are a group of specialized psychologists, treatment is tailored to an individual’s concerns in order to provide them the very best quality of care.

CBT has evolved over the decades, changing to reflect the latest research findings.

Their psychologists implement the newest cognitive-behavioral approaches, incorporating mindfulness and emotion regulation techniques. All of their clinicians have been trained at leading CBT institutions. Now more than ever they are having to change, and like most of us, that change came with very little warning. But they were not daunted by the call to close up shop. They found a way to make things work. Offering teletherapy for those who need it.

With their offices on Madison Avenue in the heart of the hardest-hit area, they have taken their service online. All of their services have continued. Not just the one-on-one sessions, though. Group therapy and intake services have also not been left out. As the closures happened around them, they expanded their offerings to now include therapy tailored to the crisis at hand. Stress management, anxiety management, mindfulness, and coping with working remotely are all things at the top of mind. These are just some of the resources that they are providing as a part of this community.

Additional topics including “Parenting in a Pandemic,” Adult DBT workshops, and groups. Plus, special topics are being re-thought to address the issues of young adults and teens, some of who have the greatest needs among us.

These times call for us as Americans to innovate in new ways to help each other and CBT/DBT Associates has changed the way they do business so they can be there in a time of need.

Huitt Rabel

Huitt Rabel

Manager of Creative Services