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Digital advertising campaigns on social networks are an essential component to most digital strategies. While your business may have an active “organic” presence on social media platforms the importance of managing ads on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin is the difference of actively targeting potential new customers rather than awaiting them finding your service or product.

Content alone isn’t enough if you can’t reach the right audience. At Techwood we leverage the efforts of your current organic social posts and suggest strategic insights to work in unison with defined targeting and your social ad campaigns as a part of a larger strategy.



SEO Campaign

VidReach is a B2B video platform focusing on utilizing video across a number of channels to drive increased sales engagement. Having worked with Techwood previously, the founders of VidReach engaged Techwood to utilize a combination of SEO and paid media (cross-channel, search and social) to drive consistent and growing inbound lead generation.

The Results: Techwood implemented an ongoing SEO strategy that was comprised of all algorithmic facets, including content, keywords, structural / technical, and offsite, which included thought leadership topical placement for backlinks.  This resulted in high rankings on target keywords, which drove leads.


Burrow & Associates, LLC

PPC Campaign

A well planned base strategy provided the foundation for success. Leveraging years of data, Techwood has been able to shift to meet and overcome changes in competition strategies and rapidly deploy new features of the Adwords system. With continuous efforts to maintain position while leveraging data-driven decisions, Techwood has been able to provide ongoing growth for Burrow & Associates in the face of a very competitive industry with high ad spend levels.

The Results: Improved goal conversion rate from 1.2% to 12% steadily over a four year period.

Increased monthly client lead volume to an average of 175/month from 35/month.

iTouch Wearables

SEO Campaign

iTouch Wearables is an e-commerce company dedicated to selling affordable smartwatches on the web. With the entrance of big players into the keyword landscape (Amazon, Target, etc), they engaged Techwood to grow their organic non-branded and branded keyword profile as well as guide them through a site redesign.

The Results: In 90 days, the Techwood team grew iTouch Wearables' top three keyword profile by 96%.

More exciting performance is expected to come with the pending launch of their new, SEO friendly domain.


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