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We offer the full suite of digital marketing services: website development, SEO, PPC, email marketing, content creation, branding, and much more.


Increase Visibility

Leverage Organic SEO to ensure that your brand shows on search engines like Google and Bing.


Engage a New Audience

Use paid advertising to target and engage the best possible audience on Facebook, Instagram, search engines, and more.


Improve your Conversion Rate

Support your online presence with a solid base. Utilize development for conversion rate optimization and more.

Trusted By

Transparency, Data, Access

We believe the work we do with our partners is ultimately their property. That means any reporting and accounts that we build will always be available to you. We’ll never lock you out of your account – and no agency should ever do that. The process we use in creating and managing your accounts ensures that you will always have access to your campaigns. We also have a commitment to data and honest communication. As we work with you, we provide data and insights that will inform your strategic decisions and demonstrate how your marketing investment is impacting your business.

Core Values

Our default response is dedicated to doing our part to help our clients and co-workers thrive.

We will be the first to ask why, the first to research, and the first to understand.

For our clients and co-workers, we will always be willing to go further than what is asked.

We are willing to have both easy and hard conversations to foster a positive and mutually beneficial relationship.

We strive to be inviting and friendly. We enjoy having fun, all without losing a sense of sincerity.

We understand how our actions affect other people and will work to eliminate any negative impact.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be an elite and substantial digital consultancy in the minds of our clients and associates by utilizing digital marketing to provide the most business value possible.

Case Study

How Techwood Helped a Local Law Firm Grow into Five Locations

Techwood was onboarded by a law firm in 2016 in order to grow localized ranking for their initial four locations across the competitive Atlanta area. With a combination of SEO, PPC, and strategic content efforts, Techwood has grown inbound leads by 80%.

In PPC alone, Techwood increased the firm's conversion rate from 1.2% to 12%.

That, coupled with maintaining top impression shares, resulted in an increase of leads for the firm from 35 per month to 175 per month. By leveraging data-driven decisions, Techwood has been able to provide ongoing, consistent growth for the firm in the face of a very competitive industry. Due to this predictable growth, the firm has just announced the opening of their fifth location.

Do these numbers make you think?

100% Employee Owned Digital Agency

The Employee Owned Advantage

We have the most engaged employees in the business because our employees are all owners. Take advantage of our low employee turnover, high level of service, and consistent innovation.


These people do what they say, and say what they do. I have never experienced such professionalism, such great service, a constant collaboration of ideas and strategies. They are not just another vendor to my company, they are a partner. Use them!!!!

Michael Lentin
Owner, Citiquiet
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