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About Techwood

In 2008, Techwood was launched as a specifically SEO consulting company. At the time, SEO was an emerging field, where most “experts” were trying to beat Google’s Algorithm to increase a page's search ranking. Techwood discovered that rather than trying to hack Google’s Algorithm to achieve a quick (and short lived) rankings boost, SEO efforts should be focused on helping a business get their message in front of potential customers that are searching for what they offer. That is the essence of what Google wants, a functional search engine that delivers users helpful results. This ethical, user-centered approach to SEO has proven not only to help brands increase their rankings, but to also protect them from shifts in Google’s Algorithm that are designed to penalize companies that are just trying to cheat the system.

Core Values

How Can I Help?

Our default response is dedicated to doing our part to help our clients and co-workers thrive.

Curiosity, Knowledge, Improvement

We will be the first to ask why, the first to research, and the first to understand.

Second-Mile Service

For our clients and co-workers, we will always be willing to go further than what is asked.

Open and Honest

We are willing to have both easy and hard conversations to foster a positive and mutually beneficial relationship.

Lighthearted but Heartfelt

We strive to be inviting and friendly. We enjoy having fun, all without losing a sense of sincerity.

Respectful and Considerate

We understand how our actions affect other people and will work to eliminate any negative impact.


Elite and Substantial
Business Value

Our goal is to be an elite and substantial digital consultancy in the minds of our clients and associates by utilizing digital marketing to provide the most business value possible.


Growth to New Markets with New Services

As we continued to build  partnerships with our clients we saw an ever growing need to have a trusted ally help them manage paid search campaigns.  It was at this time that we merged with Silkworm – who not only had a history of delivering great ROI for clients, but also was committed to openly using data to honestly inform clients about their investment.

Since the additional of PPC services we have continued to grow into a full service digital marketing agency that also offers Web Development, Conversion Rate Optimization,  and Content Creation services. We remain committed to an ethical approach that centers on open communication around data and driving business value for our clients.

Meet Our Team

At Techwood Digital, We Believe Our People Are Our Most Valuable Resource.

Chad Crowe

Partner and CEO

Jack Ogilvie

Co-founder and Partner

Morgan Sopocy

Partner and Director of Account Management

Jeff Cline

Director of PPC

JJ Koch

Director of SEO

Noel Hayden

Director of Web Development and Design

Chandler Karadsheh

Director of Content Marketing

Eddie Santiago

Operations Manager

Jimmy Park

Co-founder and VP of Sales

Benjamin Eizenga

Branding, Design, and Development Specialist

Brandon Taets

Sales Engineer

Caroline Silva

Jr. Account Manager

Connor Debruin

Graphic Designer

Courtney Davenport

Account Manager

Dean Kimberly

Account Manager

Hayden Roper

Jr. SEO Technical Analyst

Huitt Rabel

Manager of Creative Services

Jessica Poore

Account Manager

Jonathan Cordero

Sales Engineer

Kellie Grysen

Paid Search Technical Analyst

Kelly Ahern

SEO Technical Analyst

Madison Dickson

Jr. SEO Technical Analyst

Mark Oliver

Paid Search Technical Analyst

Matt Vestal

Strategy Director

Nikolai Makarenko

Jr. SEO Technical Analyst

Priya Bhargave

Paid Search Technical Analyst

Snow Sukserm

Jr. SEO Technical Analyst

Tiffany Dang

Jr. Paid Search Technical Analyst

Tim Vanderveen

Account Manager