Why practice lead generation marketing?

The ultimate goal of any successful marketing program is to produce qualified opportunities by consistently generating viable leads. Because inbound marketing strategies are built on adding value to narrowly defined customer personas, successful inbound marketing will increase in effectiveness over time as prospects pull themselves into the marketing funnel due to their interest in or need for the content provided.

What is lead generation marketing?

Lead generation marketing is the method of producing qualified opportunities by attracting, engaging with, and ultimately converting leads through a persona-based marketing funnel. Strategically, inbound marketing is focused on attracting prospects through channels like blogging, email subscriber growth, and content marketing. 

Each of these tactics requires marketers to place the customer at the center of the marketing journey, ensuring that marketing practices always provide significant value to prospective customers. A value-added approach will keep prospects returning to content assets that systematically move them through stages of a marketing funnel toward conversion.

Techwood lead generation marketing services

We provide single and multi-channel support for lead generation marketing. Practically, this means that Techwood will assist in the development of a strategy to reach and convert prospects by attracting and nurturing them through a highly-tailored marketing funnel. New lead capture occurs through one or more methods:

  • Direct email marketing
  • LinkedIn B2B outreach and inbound optimization
  • Conversion-optimized blogging
  • Content marketing