Marketing Automation Services

If you suspect your PPC account is underperforming and missing out on valuable ROI, it pays to have an expert’s eyes on it to evaluate areas of deficiency and improvement. At Techwood Digital, we offer PPC audits as a stand-alone service for those who are looking for ways to improve their current paid search efforts.


What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the process of creating operational efficiency that results in the scalability and personalization of select marketing functions. Examples of marketing automation include automated email marketing campaigns that automatically qualify interested prospects by sending pre-built messages and content selected based on prospect activity like web browsing habits, interaction with a specific lead magnet or a direct request for more information (i.e. form fill). 

Why practice marketing automation?

Marketing automation helps small and large marketing teams nurture prospects by reaching them at the right time with the right information through the right channel. Because marketing automation systems closely track and score prospect activity, they are able to proactively warm-up leads with content that matches their position in the marketing funnel. These automated functions help ensure that leads predictably reach a level of interest where they are truly sales qualified.

Techwood marketing automation services

Marketing automation works differently and is managed through varying types of tools depending on your business’ industry and model (B2B, B2C). We help clients deploy marketing automation solutions across a variety of channels and CRMs. 

  • Audit of current marketing automation platform or CRM to determine the effectiveness and identify recommendations
  • Platform setup and ongoing support
  • Integration of automation practices into existing demand generation strategy
  • Full setup and execution of marketing automation