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Paid Social Media

paid social advertising

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

Paid Social Advertising

Digital advertising campaigns on social networks are an essential component to most digital strategies. While your business may have an active “organic” presence on social media platforms the importance of managing ads on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin is the difference of actively targeting potential new customers rather than awaiting them finding your service or product.

Content alone isn’t enough if you can’t reach the right audience. At Techwood we leverage the efforts of your current organic social posts and suggest strategic insights to work in unison with defined targeting and your social ad campaigns as a part of a larger strategy.


Our paid social advertising Strategy begins with defining your customer audience.


By understanding your audience, and the attributes that define the perfect customer for your product or service, the advantages of individual social platforms can help to define which is right to reach your business goals.


Facebook ads

With a base of 1.8 billion users, 80% of all internet users are on Facebook. While it is second only to Google in its user base, it does allow the most defined unique social targeting options that are simply unavailable in standard Google search ads. By combining interests, life events, and demographic targeting a very specific set of customers can be reached.


Instagram ads

Owned by Facebook, Instagram benefits from the same defined audiences allowing for photo and video sharing. With users under 35 making up 70% of the platforms total 800 million user audience. This gives Instagram an advantage for promoting to younger audiences.


Linkedin ads

Now owned by Microsoft, Linkedin has become more than just a place to post your resume but has become the leader in business to business connections. Targeting on Linkedin includes job titles, seniorities, and company sizes. Allowing you to target the specific decision makers involved in adopting your product or service.


Once your audience is defined, upfront estimates of reach traffic, potential costs and estimates can be reviewed with your social media management company. As part of an ongoing partnership, Techwood works to understanding your current and past social efforts and leveraging social ad strategies that work in tune with and can benefit your other marketing channels as a part of a larger cross-platform strategy. Part of this partnership comes with understanding your current brand standards, company voice, and tone. These are leveraged along with direct input from our clients to deploy engaging social media campaigns.


Building long term Social media ad strategies for growth and return


The largest advantage social platforms offer is specific demographic and interest targeting. This ability to leverage and layer complex audience targeting is an initial component defined early in our social strategy. We work closely to understand and define who is your end client. Whether a soccer mom in Seattle with high school age children or the VP of technology architecture at a fortune 500 company, defining the core personas of a potential customer are the first crucial steps in defining your social ad strategy.   


Using social ad campaigns to move customers through the purchase funnel.


Most social media management agencies will agree, it is not about how many likes, follows or comments you can gather, but how you can attract potential clients, increase brand exposure, grow your customer base and generate additional streams of long term revenue.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer opportunities to create awareness for your brand, provide information for your product and services, create revenue and sales and with a multi-channel strategy, support the full spectrum of your marketing efforts.


For e-commerce clients, social media advertising can create direct revenue generation with product ads and direct sales. An additional benefit of social is retargeting and the ability to capture lookalike or similar audiences.


Social metrics that matter:  traffic, leads, and sales.

Once your social campaigns are in motion our social media ad managers will monitor, optimize and report on the metrics that align with your goals. Ad campaigns will undergo split testing of multiple verbiages and image variations to find the combination that is most effective at growing your brand. Our social media team works with a result focused mindset ensuring your advertising dollars are spent wisely.


 Our team has a depth of experience in facilitating paid social advertising campaigns on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, in addition to others. Additionally, our strengths with KPI establishment, successful and centralized tracking (most often in Google Analytics, however, we can be platform-agnostic) are core components to each campaign.


Our team will utilize social ad campaigns for both “first touch” (first point of contact) goals as well as remarketing, and most campaigns include a combination of both efforts.

Paid social campaigns often consist of either:


A dedicated focus with social as the primary network, given the necessity of reaching prospects via specific audience demographics


A strong accompaniment to other digital campaigns, such as search marketing.

We are entrusted with over $4 million in Adspend every year.

Let us show you why.